Sail Loft Aveia

The loft allows to repairs sail for sailboat up to 60'

6 sewing machines adapted to all different works for sails repair and upholstery manufacturing

A tips for the sewing machine allows to sew at the floor level for better and easier work

We keep in stock the better fabrics and threads allowing reliable repairs for long time

We can face all kind of sail repairs

An hydraulic press is used to fix inox grommets

The loft sail voilerie Aveia is located at Marina Apooiti near the Moorings base not far from the Airport

Phone : (689) 40 66 14 04

Cellular : (689) 87 72 51 12


If you want a place at the visitors dock at the Marina Apooti you an contact the port captain Jean-Michel Nocuse

Phone : (689) 40 66 12 20

At Raiatea you can find all the facilities to haul your boat, repairs and maintain.

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